“All U Need” Out Now!

Melody is a rising Middle-Eastern singer and songwriter to look out for in the Canadian music industry. The young artist’s passion for music began in her early days when she would record herself singing on a cassette recorder. Her musical style is not limited to one genre, drawing inspiration from genres like pop, hip hop, R&B to Afrobeats. Her first music video for “Gotta Go” released in 2011 gained her instant attention and peaked at over 50 thousand views. In 2016, her collaboration with Ezza, “Khobe Halam”, peaked at over 2 million views. We can expect new hot releases from Melody as she continues to push the boundaries with her musical style by exploring new genres. 

This year in Miss World 2020, the young artist can be found using her voice for causes that go beyond the music industry. As a young Kurdish woman, she acts as a voice and supporter for immigrants, refugees and vulnerable people who have faced oppression in their countries. Having faced similar experiences, Melody relates and empathizes with their stories on a personal level. Her mission is to become a voice for immigrant experiences in Canada. By using her platform, growing network and powerful voice, she is actively spreading awareness on the mistreatment and injustice taking place in their respective countries.